Aug. 25th, 2014

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Why on Earth did I stay so long with GoDaddy? Their settings and configuration pages are a mess, spread over dozens of pages without any standard way of accomplishing anything, and it is extremely difficult to find help.

Arvixe gave me much more space, bandwidth, domains, email accounts, at less cost! Their configuration software is easy to use and centralised, they have lots of easy-to-access help documentation with a search function that works, and the most wonderful customer support I've ever encountered. They have a ticketing system, email support, a voice chat support system, and my favorite: the forums, where patient, friendly, helpful staff are surprisingly quick to answer your questions.

They offered to transfer the files for me, but I needed to do it myself because I'm making big changes to my file layout. Because of my reorganisation I'm expecting some bad links and broken images for a little while.

Website works.

Email works.

Yay! I'm back, baby!
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