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Kinda related, but there is a company called Foyson Resources which is investing in a 50tph pilot plant at Berkley Vale that is aiming to take waste plastic and basically re-cracking it to convert it back to liquid hydrocarbons. The same process is supposed to use the syngas to power the plant. It's an interesting take on recycling.

Hasn't been proven, of course.

Thought you might be interested.

We could use solar furnaces instead of oil and coal for almost all industrial processes that currently require fossil fuels

Including steel production? I was going to argue that you need coking coal, but apparently it is possible with arc furnaces. There's no reason I can find that suggests solar can't do that, but I spent five minutes on google.

The main issue with coal production is that it's primarily used in poorer countries, (and India and China), where they are looking for the cheapest and easiest means of hooking up the population. Add it (or char) are also burnt in homes.

I'm wondering how resilient a distributed solar network would be in terms of flood/fire damage. I must look into that.

The new Tesla battery is interesting. We've been waiting for something like that before looking seriously at solar, but I am also curious how much "resource shifting" will happen as a result. I gather some home solar panels have a high failure rate, plus the raw materials like graphite, scandium and lithium need to come from somewhere, so there's something of a risk that - purely at the mining level - we'll swap digging up the Hunter Valley for digging thumping great holes in Fifield.

Building underground, if designed with sensible lighting and heating/cooling can bring great improvements to many aspects of homes and commercial buildings

Not great for population density issues.

I'd love an underground house.
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